Incorporating The Performing Arts Into Your Home During The Holidays

As the holidays begin, our young ones at home will be missing the OA Joy from their weekly classes. So, here are 5 fun ways to keep busy with Performing Arts themed activities.

Write A Script

Writing a script for your own production can be a fun challenge. It’s a great way to practise your writing, storytelling and problem solving skills, as well as thinking about character traits in depth. Grab a pencil and paper, think of a main plot for your production, break it down into scenes, and get writing!

Practice Tongue Twisters

Tongue Twisters have many benefits that contribute to our singing. Practising a few Tricky Tongue twisters will strengthen and stretch the muscles involved in speech. Eventually, mastering Tongue Twisters will lead to clearer pronunciation and clearer speech patterns!

Design A Costume

Costume design is a very important element to a production. The style, colour schemes, and material can tell us lots about a character. To design a costume, think about your character and brainstorm ideas of what they might wear. Make sure to remember the actor will be moving around the stage, so the costume must be accessible! Sketch a design on a piece of paper and add some colour, or see what you have in your wardrobe to help visualise the end result.

Visit The Theatre

There are lots of child friendly Theatre productions across the UK, and tickets don’t always have to break the bank! Online you can find discounted tickets and deals to see a show at the Theatre. Or, if you are ever visiting the West End in London, and fancy a spontaneous Theatre trip, head to the box offices to see which deals are on that day! Visiting the Theatre is a fantastic day out, it inspires creativity and admiration for The Performing Arts, giving our young ones a taste of what can be achieved with a career in The Arts.

Musical Movie Night

If you are unable to visit the Theatre, a Musical Movie Night is always a hit! To create the ambience of the Theatre, grab a comfortable seat and some ice cream. You can even create your own ‘Theatre Guide’ to read before the show starts. There are so many Musical Movies to choose from, as a household you may even need to vote to decide!

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