Terms and Conditions

OneArts cannot accept children without a signed and fully completed membership form.

Registration and Collection of Children

OneArts are responsible for children for the duration of the session booked. OneArts cannot accept responsibility for children outside the designated hours of care. Unfortunately, we are unable to admit children before the session start time.

Parents/Guardians must register their children at the beginning of the session and collect their children from the designated pick up point at the end of the day.

Please be patient as your child’s safety is of paramount importance to us.

Parents wishing older children to walk home unaccompanied must inform the school manager. All sessions are drop off sessions. No parents or spectators are allowed into classes at any times other than to watch presentations and shows.

Parents/carers are welcome to wait on the premises for the duration of their child’s class but are also welcomed to leave children in our supervision.

Classes start on time so please arrive a few minutes early to avoid disruption to classes. Any continuous lateness may result in the loss of your child’s place.

Late collection

In the event of late collection, a penalty charge may be incurred and could result in the loss of your child’s place.

If the child is not collected within a reasonable amount of time and parents cannot be contacted, OneArts will take the child to the nearest police station or contact social services. In the event of any emergency, please call your school manager as soon as possible.


Wherever possible, parents should notify OneArts if the student will not be attending on any given day booked. Parents should notify the school manager if students need to leave for appointments during the session.

In the Event of Illness or Accident

Children who arrive at OneArts with a temporary sickness (eg flu, diarrhoea, vomiting etc) will not be permitted to register as we have a responsibility to all children’s health and welfare.

Should a child become ill or is involved in an accident, parents will be contacted using the telephOneArts numbers listed on the family account and the nature of the illness/accident explained. The child must be collected so the parent can seek professional medical advice.

If immediate hospital treatment is required an ambulance will be called (e.g. broken limb, head/back injury) and parents will be notified.

In the event that the child should need emergency treatment and the parents cannot be contacted, OneArts will act in loco parentis and authorise treatment.

It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to keep OneArts updated with changes of address and telephOneArts numbers and to be contactable during the sessions.

Behaviour management

OneArts recognises the importance of positive and effective behaviour management strategies in promoting children’s welfare, learning and enjoyment. In the event of misbehaviour that is incompatible with the enjoyment or safety of other children, students will be asked to leave, and parents will be contacted.

Break and/or Lunch time

No food, drink or gum may be consumed during classes and should be saved until designated break times.

Children attending the OneArts full day holiday workshop should bring packed lunches. Parents should label their child’s packed lunch.

Parents are advised not to include food which requires refrigeration. Packed lunches are stored at room temperature and kept away from direct sunlight, heaters and radiators. We recommend parents include picnic type pre-frozen ice packs/cool bags. Children are supervised whilst eating.


OneArts are unable to admit children or reserve a place without payment. Payments can be made by cash or credit/debit card. All payments should be received in full in advance. Alternatively, you can sign up for the direct debit monthly payment plan. More details below.

Students attending the first session of the term will be liable for the full term’s fees.

OneArts Performing Arts School Two Week Trial Period

A two-week trial period is available at our weekend performing arts school for new customers only and is paid for in advance. It entitles a student to attend a OneArts Performing Arts School for two consecutive weeks, is non-refundable and cannot in any circumstances be extended. All students wishing to continue the course are required to pay their fees in full at the end of the second trial session. If fees have not been received by the end of the second trial session, we will automatically assume that a place is no longer required and will be at liberty to offer this place to another student. Fees can be settled with your school manager at the weekend, by calling or using our online portal. All students continuing after two weeks are automatically liable for a full term’s fees.

Direct Debit

Direct Debits are divided over four equal instalments over the term. Any payment that fails as a result of lack of funds, early cancellation or change in bank details, that we were not made aware of, are subject to a £5 additional charge. Any continued payment failures will result in the loss of your rights to pay monthly and may result in the loss of your child’s place. Please inform your school manager if you change your bank details.

To cancel your child’s place, please inform your school manager by the last day of the current term at the latest, and we will ensure no payments are taken after your current terms balance is clear. An up to date record of your schedule of payments is held on your online account.


OneArts operates a no refund policy. In extreme situations, refunds/credit notes may be considered at the discretion of OneArts. A 50% refund would be the maximum under any circumstance.

Staff Changes

OneArts reserve the right to change teaching staff at any time.

Cancellation of Sessions

OneArts will not accept liability for any teaching sessions which have to be cancelled for reasons beyond their control (such as fire, flood, extreme weather or criminal activity). In these circumstances OneArts will be under no obligation to provide compensation and any arrangements made as a goodwill gesture will be at OneArts’s discretion.


Students should wear suitable clothing and footwear at all times. OneArts uniform or black clothing is preferred at our weekend performing arts schools. Children can wear their own comfortable clothing during the holiday workshops.

Toilet training

OneArts are unable to accept younger children who are not toilet trained.

Personal Belongings

OneArts advises students not to bring personal belongings to the school as we are unable to accept liability for damage or loss of property. We recommend all OneArts clothing is labelled.

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