Modern Slavery Policy

OneArts recognises the potential risk of Human rights violations taking place within both UK and internationally based suppliers of goods or services that it procures.

It is therefore committed to meeting the responsibility it has, to use all viable influence on its supply chains to eradicate these risks.

In acknowledgement of the issues surrounding the identification and access to all levels of the entertainment industry, in particular those in vulnerable regions abroad; OneArts have supported the development by Industry  Watch of their ‘Framework Conditions’.

The objective of these is to improve conditions within the sector, achieved through the unified buying power of the EU public sector and its demand for verified ethical sources of supply. The conditions are now being included in key Public Sector contracts.

OneArts has, in keeping with these conditions, conducted assessment of the supply chain supporting its own branded products to identify high risk areas of manufacture and establish its influence over it.

Alongside this, new and existing clients are now being required to complete a detailed questionnaire on their approach to Modern Slavery, further promoting awareness of the issues and identifying opportunities to engage with suppliers further down the chain.

Those suppliers demonstrating minimal policy or engagement in this process will be encouraged to improve their position on these issues.

It is OneArts policy to promote the work of Industry Watch to its UK public sector contacts and encourage those organisations to affiliate with them.

For and on behalf of the board of directors OneArts.

Mark Carter – CEO
October 2019

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